Do You Know That To Change Your Life You Need To Learn How To Do And Gain Mastery Over Only 10 Things?


Dearly Beloved,


My name is Francis Jonah. I am a Pastor, an Author, Speaker, and Strategist. I have many bestselling books on Amazon through which I have and continue to impact a lot of lives. My Financial Abundance Coaching Program has changed a lot of lives and restored purposes that would have otherwise been marred.

I also Pastor a youthful church and who are doing extraordinary things due to the grace of God and partly to the teaching and guidance I am giving to them

I can confidently say I am a very successful man and on a path to self-fulfillment.


Daily, I receive many messages of thanks and e-mails from people who have been transformed by the power of my books and coaching programs


 But, It Was Not So When I Began. I Struggled With Financial Problems And Failed In Many Of My Endeavors  


During a time in my life, I was in deep financial distress having failed in a lot of my endeavors. I had a lot of responsibility I had to rise up to but I could not because I was not in good standing to even help those who needed to be helped. Those were very dark times in my life.

It was then I realized the truth in the saying, "You cannot pour from an empty cup"

It Was Then Decided That Enough Was Enough

At this point, I realized that I cannot be comfortable with my situation, that failure was not my option. I sought to find the secret to success so that I can help myself and others.

I read so many books. So many that I had too much information and did not know what to do with it. I was paralyzed by analysis. But I decided to move on anyway. I implemented every single thing and theory I learned from those books I read and oh, they were so many.

Some worked, others just increased my rate of failure. However, after much trial & error, I finally what I had been looking for.  


I Finally Found The Keys And These Keys Transformed My Life


I realized that success is not rocket science. I realized that achieving success is just a matter of intentionally executing a number of tasks consistently. This truth changed my life.

This secret is the backbone to the success of my coaching program. The success to almost everything I enjoy now.


These tasks have brought me a lot of success and completely transformed my life and that of several other people to whom I imparted it through through my coaching or through counsel.

Among other things, this task have enabled me to:

  • Earn a passive income of at least $1000 every month
  • Achieve milestones in my other thriving business
  • Take my books in kindle from obscurity to being bestsellers
  • Raise the membership of my church significantly
  • Get three cars without almost effortlessly
  • Help a spiritual son and student of mine to build houses 

Introducing ...

Today, i want to share those same secrets with you. I have summarised them in 10 simple-to-do but very powerful steps that will change your life

This success and achievement kit probably the most simple-to-implement formula for success you can ever come across. It is full of value and no fluff.

  • Benefit #1 -You will learn hacks to increase your productivity and exceed your targets and hit your milestones faster than ever.
  • Benefit #2 - You will learn how to increase your income and earnings dramatically through a foolproof financial blueprint.
  • Product Main Benefit #3 - What to do to find fulfillment and keep it all together after achieving success

This Kit Is So Easy To Use Anybody Can Implement It And Achieve Success


My transformation was so fast that my friends and others who knew the old me did not believe it. They thought it was because i had chanced on luck or was just fortunate.

So I decided to teach others and lo and behold, their testimonies surprised even me. It was then I realized the true power and potential of what I had just discovered.


"I scaled my business to another country after applying the golden nuggets in this book. I am now an international businessman and a highly successful one thanks to these secrets."

- Stanley Ejike


Again, You will learn...

  • Benefit #1 -You will learn hacks to increase your productivity and exceed your targets and hit your milestones faster than ever.
  • Benefit #2 - You will learn how to increase your income and earnings dramatically through a foolproof financial blueprint.
  • Product Main Benefit #3 - What to do to find fulfilment and keep it all together after achieving success

Buy Now and Get 4Powerful Books For FREE!


In addition to the master success and achievement kit, I am throwing in 4 powerful books i have personally written to help your spiritual and financial growth. These books will also help you excel in other sphere of your develpoment as in individual.




You can get this life-changing material at a discounted cost of only $9.99. I could have sold this for a higher price because the success you will reap when you apply the principles in it will be worth far more than you had to give up for it. But I am on a mission to show that everyone and anyone can be successful if they are exposed to the right kind of knowledge.

This knowledge is yours for just $9.99


10 Tasks Workbook

All Things Are Possible

The Power Of I AM

The Power Of Positive Thinking

The Power Of Praise









 $60.95    $9.99

You only need to pay $60.95  $9.99 for the kit and all the BONUSES.


Anyone and everyone can achieve success. I have proven it countless times with the people I coach. Get this book and see your life transformed.


Francis Jonah.



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