Answered prayer has been a headache for many believers. It is a great joy that answered prayer is possible in the life of every believer.

“God is good” is a mantra that is carried everywhere by believers. This good God asks us to pray. The reason He asks us to pray is so He can answer us.

Prayer then is a means of communication with God.

There are different types of prayer that we pray as Christians but the main one a lot of us are acquainted with is the prayer of petition.

This though is one of the toughest areas of the Christians life. It is simply because many people do not see the answers to their prayer.

These words seek to remedy that in the life of every believer. As much as they are short, they will bring real practical results.



The first step to answered prayer is thanksgiving and praise. When you begin prayer, be sure to thank God out of a grateful heart. Thank Him for His protection, provision, forgiveness and peace of mind.

You can go further to praise Him and magnify His holy name. Speak of His goodness, His might and His worth. Adore Him and lift His holy name on high. He really deserves the glory and the praise.



Present your petition before God your father as simply and as specifically as you can. Do not be in a hurry to use too many words. Just be straightforward.

After bringing your petitions before Him, know that you have received the answers. Do not be in doubt about it. Thank Him for receiving it and praise Him.



Release the power of God to facilitate you seeing the answers speedily. This you can do by speaking in tongues for long. Think of four hours of tongues every day to make sufficient power available.

It could be two hours in the morning and two hours at night or one hour in intervals. At all cost, invest time in speaking in tongues for long hours to release power for speedy answers.

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