Many Christians are in lack and poverty. They are not experiencing financial abundance because they have not differentiated between preferences and decisions.

Preferences and Decisions

A preference is something you will like. I will like to be rich. It is just a preference. It is weak in its ability to make things happen.

A decision however is a different proposition. It is not a passive desire, it is a definite state of mind and choice.

Such clear decisions help you to take the next step.

If you are bold enough to make a decision concerning your finances, you will have ideas and release inner abilities to help you achieve it.

The Bible says:

Habakkuk 2:2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

After you have made the decision, it is essential to write it down so that it will cause you and anybody who sees it to run.

Running simply means to take action.

You need to take action on your decision and writing it down helps you do that.

A man’s financial life should not be left on autopilot.

Conscious decisions must be taken concerning personal finances and these decisions must be followed with strategies to achieve them.

These strategies must be followed with massive action.

When Jacob made the decision to name his wage, he took massive action towards his decision.

That is what brought him financial abundance far above the man who was 14 years ahead of him.

Massive action

A little laziness, a little folding of arms can lead to a life of poverty.

It is not enough to take a concrete decision and make plans and strategies to meet that decision. You need to add action to it. Not any ordinary action, you need to add massive action.

Love not sleep, lest thou come to poverty; open thine eyes, and thou shalt be satisfied with bread. Proverbs 20:13

Sleep is a state of inaction. It is a state of passivity. Any man that loves sleep is preparing his way to poverty.

You cannot fold your arms and expect money to jump into your pocket. You must take action to set up such an income stream.

Action has always separated winners from losers. Are you a man of words or a man of action?

It is time to make taking massive action a part of your mind-set. Keep taking action. It will take you where you want to be in life.

Without action, you will remain where you are. In your finances, you will remain at the same level without action.

And if any man desires massive results, he must take massive action.

I see you break free from the chains of inaction and passivity and stepping into the arena of massive actions and results in Jesus name.

I decided not to waste the blessing

When I decided not to waste the blessing upon my life, I made a decision to double my monthly income. I researched and found what I could do for my decision to be a reality

I found areas where I could apply myself to make extra money. Lo and behold in my first month I found one.

I was disappointed at the financial results I got in the first month of taking action. My goal did not change. I told myself I was blessed and if ordinary people were making it in that opportunity, I could make it too.

I thus changed my approach and a few strategies and in the second month, I made half my monthly income. Added to my monthly income I had increased my income by 50% in just two months.

To cut a long story short, by the end of the year I applied myself to two more opportunities and made 5 times my full-time income in one year.

It is time to make a decision on your finances. Do not allow your circumstances to control you. Decide to master your circumstances.

Man is a master of his personal circumstances unless he delegates his authority to his circumstances.

You are a master of your circumstances. Take a pen and a paper, make a decision concerning your finances and decide when to take action. After the decision, begin to take action. You are too blessed to be passive.

What decision are you making today concerning your finances? Do not wait another minute. Make a firm decision now. Most poor people won’t. They will rather make excuses instead of making a decision.

The rich and abundant will. The will make a decision instead of finding an excuse why they cannot make a decision now. Which of them are you?

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