There once lived a man. His experience in life was like the experience of many today.

He was very blessed and very poor.

Is it possible for blessed men to be poor?

Well that is exactly what this man proved.

The blessing of God makes men rich. That is the truth of the word of God. However many men know how to deactivate the power of the blessing of God upon their lives.

 Yes, you read it right. They deactivate the power of the blessing of God upon their lives.

Jacob is the name of the subject of this discussion.

He worked for his uncle Laban for fourteen years. After fourteen years of hard labour, all he had was two wives and children.

He had no other property, no money and no asset to call his own. No savings to call his own. He was virtually broke. That seems a familiar story. His turnaround is even more remarkable. Let us delve deeper into the cause of his poverty.

Was he blessed? Yes he was. Even his uncle acknowledged that fact.

And Laban said unto him, I pray thee, if I have found favour in thine eyes, tarry: for I have learned by experience that the LORD hath blessed me for thy sake. Genesis 30:27

His uncle asked him to stay and continue working for him because he has seen by experience that God had blessed him for Jacob’s sake.

 That means Laban even knew Jacob was blessed. And Laban was in effect blessed because of Jacob.

The difference between Laban and Jacob was that Laban was rich and Jacob was very poor. Jacob was the blessed one, yet Laban was the one profiting from the blessing.

How can a blessed man be broke? It is very possible. Actually, that has become the norm although it shouldn’t be so in a lot of lives.

 Doing something wrong?

  He was blessed and broke because he was missing something.

  Most Christians are broke not because God has not blessed them, it is simply because they are lacking in knowledge or revelation.

   John says, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”.

   To be free from lack and poverty we need truth.

  Jacob needed truth to break free from his predicament.

  Poverty and lack was not befitting of a blessed man like him. Neither is it befitting of anybody named by the name of God.

  A lot of Christians are wallowing in poverty and lack and in their thinking, God has not blessed them.

For that reason, they keep bombarding God day and night with prayers when in reality most of them are not poor and in lack because of a lack of blessing.

 The simple reason for that state is a lack of revelation.

  If we could stop complaining and begin to ask God to open the eyes of our understanding, we will go far in life

Every problem has a solution including the problem of lack and poverty.

 The origin of a lot of the poverty people face is in their mind.

 If only their minds can be renewed, their poverty can be cured.

 A wise man once said “If you think you can, you are right. And if you think you cannot, you are also right”

It simply reveals the impact the mind plays in our life.

Most poor people are programmed in their minds to make poor financial decisions. They are also programmed not to recognize financial opportunities. These together with other negative programming is what leads most people into lack and poverty.

That is why anyone seeking to have financial abundance must carefully renew his or her mind.

Take these principles seriously if you are seeking financial abundance.

  The revelation in this post turned my finances and that of many others I taught around in a matter of months.

The kind of abundance they controlled is testament to the power within the revelations you will receive.

You are blessed

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