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What I do

I have been graciously blessed with numerous talents and through my urge for self-development, i have refined these talents so that i can impact the worlds with them

I Coach.

I am life and financial coach.

My coaching programs are result-oriented. They bring results when applied.

I Speak.

I am a conference speaker. I speak on varied subjects such a wealth creation, ministry and general topics that will ensure a successful life.

I Write.

I am a bestselling author of over 35 books on amazon. These book are highly transformative and they are backed by glorious tesimonies.

Need advice?

Counsel turns lives around. Let me help transform your life with my wisdom. Are you in a fix and want to turn your life around?

My e-Books & Courses

People perish due to lack of knowledge. Ignorance is a killer. Pick up one of my books now (FREE or Paid) and enroll in one of my courses and you will be blessed


In this timeless book, Dr. Francis Jonah spells out just ten tasks that anyone can apply to become successful in any field they find themselves and also create wealth whilst doing it


“ I was struggling as a small business owner before I met Dr. Francis Jonah. Today I am proud business owner in multiple countries due to his coaching and guidance. This man changed my life”

Stanley Ejike (CEO, UNIQUE CURVE)

“ I have built my own house and I am now busily pursing my purpose. I am so much happy now and very fulfilled. This man has been so much of a blessing to me

Barnabas James (CEO, UNIQUE CURVE)

What i have accomplished these short years after meeting Dr.Francis Jonah still surprises me till today. There are some people that you meet that make your life all better. Dr. Francis Jonah is one of them ”

Endurance Michael (CEO, POSH BEAUTY EMPIRE)

“Francis Jonah’s books are so easy to read and understand and they teach the truth of Gods word.

He is a gifted writer and a true man of God. ”

Jelena Canter (AMAZON READER)


What You will get:

  • This book will usher you into financial abundance
  •  This book will teach you to recognize opportunities that you can turn into a perpetual stream of income
  • This book will help you deal with debts and problems of lack that you may be facing

Have You been Blessed?

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Thanks in advance. You are awesome

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